Macsa ID celebrates another decade of growth and innovation

Macsa ID celebrates another decade of growth and innovation


Sustainable strategy leads Macsa ID to final round of the 2019 European Business Awards

Bringing the year and the decade to a close on a high, Macsa ID will head to Poland on the 3rdand 4thof December to complete a final round of judging where the winners of the 2019 European Business Awards will be announced. This comes after having already been named the ‘National Winner’ by a panel of independent judges including business leaders, politicians and academics as the best business in Spain in The Award for Innovation with a turnover of €26M-150M.

Macsa ID’s clear vision plays a significant role in this recognition: helping the manufacturing industry to secure their products and their customers’ peace of mind while ensuring a brighter tomorrow for our future generations.

The company has enjoyed sustained growth from €23M in 2014 to €40M in 2018, and owes this success to its consistent and strategic focus on:

  • Continuous investment in industry leading core technologies. Part of the strategy to ensure long term success is its annual investment of 8% of its revenue in R&D. This has led to the creation of more than 30 international patents. Macsa ID is established as a world leader in laser technology, and one of only 4 companies worldwide specialising in this technology.
  • The expansion of the Integranet software to support its client’s adoption of Industry 4.0 principles. It helps stay close and understand their challenges in an increasingly competitive market.
  • Development of the e-coding approach. To satisfy the huge and ambitious change that is currently affecting the packaging sector due to the new EU regulation “Plastics for a circular economy”. Macsa ID’s lasers provide the best technology for marking and coding.

Laser, the sustainable technology

Macsa ID laser technology offers clean and environmentally friendly solutions by avoiding the mixing of materials and replacing less sustainable, traditional technologies. By doing this, Macsa ID positions itself as the best partner for the development and manufacturing of laser coding systems for new packaging materials and easy recycling processes.

With recent growth and success as well as a clear vision for a greener future, Macsa ID currently finds itself in a very encouraging position and looks forward to what the future has in store for them. If you think we deserve the prize, help us win it by voting here. Thank you very much!