Laser marking on colored wood

Laser marking on colored wood


Identifying construction materials allows the manufacturer to carry out an exhaustive control of the traceability of their products.

On this occasion, the material in question to be marked was colored wood, namely kitchen furniture doors. An area of ​​50×50 mm was marked with two logos, one 15 mm in height and the other 8 mm high, on two different finishes.

With a Macsa ID SPA CB 10 P, emitting at a wavelength of 10.6 microns and with 10W of power, it is possible to mark all the wood samples by means of a 60×60 mm field lens and with a marking time of everything of less than 11 seconds. The result obtained shows a high and uniform contrast, even on veined woods.

Laser: SPA CB 10 P
Lens: 60×60
Industry: construction materials and consumer products
Application type: marking
Marking type:static
Product: kitchen furniture
Material: wood
Line speed: 11.24 seconds