Laser marking on recycled polymer pipe

Laser marking on recycled polymer pipe


Recycling is an increasingly present matter in society, and polymer recycling is not exempt from the trend, despite not being easy due to the variety and composition of the materials. Laser marking on recycled polymer pipe saves consumable costs since it is done directly on the substrate.

Marking and coding guarantees product traceability in the construction market. In this particular case, it is an established requirement that pipes must be marked according to the manufacturing material used and its main use.

The DPSS laser, in this case, the NANO D-6006 DUO from Macsa id, with a 1064 nm wavelength, allows to make a laser marking on the recycled polymer pipe of high contrast and visibility. The chemical reaction of the DPSS laser on the polymer enhances the logo marking on different coloured backgrounds. On the other hand, if CO2 had been used the reaction would be totally thermal causing the plastic to melt and generating a small relief.

Technical Information

  • Laser: Macsa Nano D-6006-DUO
  • Lens: 100 x 100
  • Market: Building Material
  • Application: Marking
  • Product: Pipe joints
  • Material: Recycled Polymer
  • Marking type: Static
  • Marking time: 3.5 sgds.
Laser marking on recycled polymer pipe

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