Macsa id; the value of personalised technical assistance

15 Dec, 2022

Macsa id offers its customers a wide range of pre-sales and after-sales technical services. This personalised technical assistance aims to respond punctually to any coding, identification and traceability equipment needs that may arise.

As a market leader, we believe that committing to excellent customer service forms the basis for achieving outstanding results.

Specifically, we offer the following services of personalised technical assistance: Technical Support, Technical Assistance, Maintenance Programmes and 4.0 Services.


personalised technical assistance

Technical Support

This service is divided into three main sections: Consultancy, Training and Applications & Samples.



Understanding industrial projects is essential in order to provide the best solutions to the specific needs of each client.

To this end, Macsa id has a multidisciplinary team of consultant-engineers who are involved in client projects from the initial analysis to the installation of the purchased equipment.

The professionals who make up this team have extensive experience and high-level knowledge across all disciplines. This is included in    development engineering (automation, mechanics, materials, software…), ensuring that the study is carried out in an comprehensive way, including every aspect of the project.



Macsa id offers training courses for customer technicians across the range of different equipment and technology supplied by our company. Our own technical staff are experts in different marking and coding technology. They impart their knowledge so that the equipment can be operated efficiently and maximum performance can be reached.


Applications & Samples

Our company has a showroom with all its coding and marking equipment and technology, ready to provide samples and find the most appropriate solution every customer need. The marking and coding of each substrate requires specific characteristics and equipment. In this space, our customers can find the best solution for them, adapting the type of laser, lens, power and so on.


personalised technical assistance


Technical Assistance Service

Macsa id provides its customers with a team of specialised technicians, who will be familiar with your project and who will apply the quickest and most efficient solutions, either remotely or in person.

This includes installation and deployment, repair services and original spare parts.


Installation and deployment of equipment

Macsa id carries out the deployment of the equipment purchased with a complete installation and operation guarantee. In addition, our technicians teach a course that provides the personnel with the necessary autonomy to immediately identify and resolve any incidents that may occur with the equipment on the production line.


Repair service

This operates both at Macsa id customer facilities and in its own workshop. In the first case, and thanks to our network of technicians distributed both nationally and internationally, a rapid, efficient service is offered.

As for equipment connected to the internet, remote management is provided, as an additional tool to remote fault diagnosis and resolution. This has the capacity to permanently monitor equipment status, interact remotely and generate custom reports and alarms.

One way of avoiding prolonged line stoppages without the need of purchasing back-up equipment is the use of replacement equipment on a temporary basis. This might be the time during which the equipment is being replaced, which will be installed again at the client location once repaired.


Original spare parts

Macsa id offers its customers with original spare parts of the highest quality that guarantee the maximum durability of the equipment installed. This service provides a very quick response to avoid production stoppages and consequent losses.

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Maintenance programmes

In order to ensure proper functioning and to anticipate and optimise unnecessary costs, we offer three types of maintenance: Preventive (PMP), Corrective and Integral.


Preventive maintenance (PMP)

This service adapts to customer scheduled production stoppages and keeps the equipment in perfect working order, extending working life and reliability, while reducing incidents and repair costs.


Corrective maintenance

In addition to the appropriate corrective actions, this service also includes the scheduled preventive visits necessary for correct equipment operation.


Integral Maintenance

This guarantees optimal equipment service, maximising productivity, reducing downtime of customer production lines and ensuring the total cost of equipment maintenance.

personalised technical assistance

4.0 Services

The interlinked nature of the various production chain elements allows an immediate connection from anywhere, at any time. To this end, three types of service are offered: Monitoring and predictive maintenance, Remote assistance and Reporting.


Monitoring and predictive maintenance

Supervision of equipment status in real time has the capacity to obtain, verify and analyse operation information and act on preventive measures against possible future performance problems. Predictive models are also incorporated with the data and modelled through the dependency patterns established for each system analysed. This enables automatic decision-making for optimum equipment performance.


Remote assistance

For all equipment connected to the internet, Macsa id provides remote management, in addition to remote fault diagnosis and resolution. It has the capacity to permanently monitor equipment status, interact remotely and generate of custom reports and alarms.


Macsa Remote Assistance (MRA) is the name of this service, which offers online connection, enabling remote technical assistance and minimising the impact of visits to support technicians.

This functionality allows full communication between Macsa id Field Technicians and/or Support Engineers and customer maintenance teams via mobile phone. This improves efficiency in diagnosis, repair and maintenance of equipment through remote assistance.

The solution avoids machine downtime, diagnostic errors, technician travel costs and access restrictions.

Macsa Remote Assistance is an IntegraNET 4.0 solution, our company’s software for remote data and equipment management.



This service provides a graphical representation of the parameters and data measured, via a fully configurable information display panel. This displays the critical parameter information analyses defined for predictive maintenance according to their definition of critical and warning levels. These are based on a relative difference prediction model.


Macsa id will be happy to find the marking, coding and traceability solution that best suits your needs.