Traceability in the beverage sector

Beverage manufacturers (sodas, soft drinks, mineral water, wines, beers, ciders, juices, etc.) must print codes on the packaging of their products, and they must do so on high-speed lines, on a wide range of materials and in one of the most demanding production environments that exist.

In Macsa ID, we recommend solutions based on laser technology to apply these codes, due to their ability to mark a wide range of materials such as PET, glass, aluminium cans, cardboard cartons, etc. in a clean and safe way, with easy legibility and low maintenance costs.

Macsa ID laser equipment and solutions allow both the bottle neck and its base to be marked. These solutions are especially useful for wine and drinks companies due to the fact that the laser can mark both the bottle and the cork, make white markings on the glass and mark on the wooden boxes and barrels.

If you prefer, you can also opt for labelling or ink marking solutions from Macsa ID. They are very versatile systems that also allow a wide variety of materials such as glass, crystal, PET or plastic, among others to be marked. They can provide custom labelling for wine bottles as well as label application on glass or PET bottles, among other materials.

In terms of marking on cans and cartons, Macsa ID coding and marking equipment and solutions make it possible to print expiry and batch codes with ink or laser, as well as QR codes on aluminum cans for soft drinks.


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Success stories

Barre Brauerei - Germany

MOISTURE-PROOF CABIN SOLUTION FOR BRAUEREI - laser equipment installation in a moisture-proof labelling cabin for coding in production line.


Norland - USA

EASY PROGRAMMING SOLUTION FOR NORLAND - Easy-setting and low price laser solution.


Cobega - Spain

SOLUTION TO MAXIMISE PRODUCTION FOR COBEGA - Reliable and high speed laser solution for marking in dusty environment that has allowed to reduce the inkjet maintenance costs.