D-5005 Duo Green Laser Coder used for high speed, accurate and reliable marking of pills

D-5005 Duo Green Laser Coder used for high speed, accurate and reliable marking of pills


Helping meet increasing demand for brand security and traceability within the pharmaceutical packaging industry, Macsa ID – leading manufacturer of advanced coding and marking equipment – is highlighting the suitability of its high performance D-5005 Duo Green laser system for reliable, accurate and high speed marking directly onto pills.

A fast and powerful laser coder designed for marking of delicate substrates and coating ablation, Macsa ID’s D-5005 Duo Green system helps meet the requirements of the FDA’s Unique Device Identification (UDI) and the European Union’s Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).

Macsa ID’s D-5005 Duo Green is a non-contact laser coder allowing high contrast marks to be achieved without causing thermal damage to the pill product.  This guarantees the hygiene and biological compatibility of the mark produced with the medicine’s functionality and integrity.

The pills, which are produced from gelatine and titanium dioxide, are coloured with a variety of dyes for better differentiation. Macsa ID’s D-5005 Green laser is capable of achieving a high definition and easily readable marking for the whole range of colours.

With high speed yet accurate and reliable marking up to 150 milliseconds per capsule, the Macsa ID D-5005 Green laser is ideal for even the most demanding pharmaceutical processing applications.

The Macsa ID D-5005 Green is based on a Nd: yV04 active medium designed to deliver a high beam performance at a wave length of 532nm, making it ideal for marking plastics with minimal thermal impact. It features an easy to use touchscreen interface allowing the operator to adapt workflow with speed.

Macsa ID’s D Duo laser coders are designed for industrial marking applications. In-built motion control, TCP-IP communication and digital I/O make it possible to integrate them into most pharmaceutical production lines. Alternatively, the D-Duo lasers can be installed in Macsa workstations for standalone applications.

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