Röchling Medical chooses our D-5005 Duo Green Laser System and iLaserBox 450 Workstation

Röchling Medical chooses our D-5005 Duo Green Laser System and iLaserBox 450 Workstation


Macsa ID has recently supplied a D-5005 Duo Green Laser Marking System and iLaserBox 450 Workstation to Germany-based Röchling Medical for the high speed, accurate application of scale and measurement markings onto the different coloured plastic components of a patented new syringe delivery system.

The Röchling Group has been shaping the industry worldwide for nearly 200 years. Röchling’s expertise with customised plastics make a difference by reducing the weight of cars, ensuring safe and secure medication packaging and improving industrial applications.

The company’s medical division develops solutions in the field of diagnostics, fluid management and pharmaceutical as well as surgery and interventional. Röchling’s medical division partners with leading global companies when it comes to components, services and smart plastic products that are needed in the healthcare industry.

Röchling Medical conducted a long term search for a laser system that could mark on syringes and containers produced from three types of plastics. The newly developed and patented syringe delivery system comprises three different components manufactured from various polymers and white, blue and transparent colour pigments.

The intricate marking of the scale had to be reliable and easy to read, as well as consistent. Marking also had to be performed as quickly as possible, at a maximum of five seconds per component.

The pigment supplier introduced Röchling Medical to Koenig & Bauer Coding, Macsa ID’s exclusive distributor in Germany. To complete the project within deadline, all participants collaborated to find the ideal combination of pigmentation, basic material and laser system.

The Macsa ID D-5005 Duo Green Laser System successfully applied high contrast marking on both transparent and opaque plastic components.

Other coding equipment suppliers offered UV lasers but recommended the installation of two machines. However, Macsa ID’s D-5005 Duo Green Laser model achieved the desired results within just one system, representing a significant cost saving.

Macsa ID’s iLaserbox 450 marks the components in an ISO-certified clean room. The adjustable workpiece holder made the solution adaptable according to the shape and size of the components and the client’s needs.

Due to the large working area that iLaserbox 450 solution offers and the sophisticated workpiece holder, the marking time was reduced to as low as two seconds per component.

The all in one coding solution made up of Class 1 certified laser protection, D-5005 Green laser, fume extraction and adjustable workpiece holder achieved optimal results and Röchling’s requirements were perfectly met to satisfaction.

Ralf Suffel, Project Manager at Röchling’s Medical comments: “Both the sampling for identifying the perfect combination of plastic polymers and the future-orientated and perfect execution of our marking requirements convinced us to choose the Macsa ID-D-5005 Green Laser option.”

The Macsa ID D-5005 Green is based on a Nd: yV04 active medium designed to deliver a high beam performance at a wave length of 532nm, making it ideal for marking plastics with minimal thermal impact. It features an easy to use touchscreen interface allowing the operator to adapt workflow with speed

Macsa ID’s D Duo series are fast and powerful lasers designed for marking delicate substrates and coating ablation. High contrast marks can be achieved with no thermal damage to the substrate.

For more information about the D-5005 Duo Green Laser System or iLaserBox 450 Workstation, please contact us.