Macsa ID announces 50% joint venture with Forbes

Macsa ID announces 50% joint venture with Forbes


Macsa ID has announced a 50% joint venture with Forbes & Company Limited, part of the Indian conglomerate Shaporji Pallonji Group, to manufacture and supply laser coding and marking equipment in India and SAARC countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The agreement targets FMCG and industrial markets including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive electronics and textile markets

As part of this exciting new agreement, the companies will target FMCG and industrial markets in the region, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive, aerospace, electronics and textile.

Prior to this latest venture, Forbes successfully supplied Macsa ID equipment to multinationals in the Asian market. However, the possibility of manufacturing laser systems locally will provide a clear competitive advantage as it will be the only company with the capacity to produce such technologically advanced laser marking equipment.

Forbes embarked on this joint venture with Macsa ID due to its proven track record in Southeast Asia, an unrivalled global position at the forefront of laser marking technology and ability to develop advanced equipment to mark and code products in the Indian markets and its area of influence.

Founded in 1767, Forbes & Company Limited is one of the oldest companies in the world still in operation. It is part of the Indian conglomerate Shaporji Pallonij Group owned by Mistry Pallonji, entrepreneur and the majority shareholder of Tata, and one of the most high profile entrepreneurs and philanthropists in the world economy.

The Sharporji Pallonij group is one of the largest industrial companies in India, had a turnover of more than 16,000 million dollars in 2018 and grows at an annual rate of 22%.

Macsa ID delivers advanced solutions to meet the coding, identification and traceability needs of the manufacturing industry. It is one of the five largest international companies in the laser and coding sector. Macsa ID is supported by a sales and service network that spans more than 80 countries and has direct offices in Spain, China, Malaysia and now the UK.

Macsa ID’s head office is located in Barcelona and it is the only Spanish company that manufactures laser marking equipment. The company invests more than 8% of its revenues in R&D annually to maintain its position as a technological leader in the market.

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