Macsa ID at Subcon 2019

Macsa ID at Subcon 2019


Macsa ID highlighted a wide range of high-performance laser marking systems at the Subcon show in June, including its newly upgraded iLaserbox 450 laser marking work station. Particularly ideal for first-time laser users, the more ergonomically designed unit now features a lateral instead of a vertical door for improved ease of operation.

The newly enhanced Macsa’s iLaserbox 450 can be switched to Class 4 mode for marking large or irregular part configurations. This feature makes it ideal for high value, low volume applications within a range of industrial markets, including automotive and aerospace.

Macsa’s entry-level iLaserbox 450 is a compact, economical and easy to install laser marking work station. Simple to integrate and manage, the iLaserbox 450 can also operate safely in standard Class 1, semi-manual and low-volume marking applications. It can handle components measuring up to 264mm (length) x350mm (width) x 160mm (height)*.

The iLaserbox 450 work station is compatible with Macsa’s full range of industrial laser systems. These include the Nano DPSS compact all-in-one, F Duo Fiber laser for high precision 2D and 3D marking on metals, and D Duo DPSS models for quality marking on plastics and delicate substrates.

Used in conjunction with Macsa ID software, the iLaserbox 450 is simple to encode for consistent and precise marking of text, barcodes and other graphic files.

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