Coding, tracing and marking laser solutions

Cutting and coding of laminated foil


Cutting and coding of laminated foil

Macsa ID HPD series is used to cut and to codify packaged goods and, in the industrial markets, to mark a wide range of substrates as laminated foil.


HPD series are powerful CO2 and high efficiency lasers. Their high power density makes them very reliable in cutting and scoring plastic films, as well as in high resolution marking on non-metallic substrates and coding on particular goods.

This combination of cutting and coding, makes the HPD series K an excellent option to integrate with the containers forming, filling and sealing processes.

In the case of laminated foil, K-1030 laser HPD offers excellent beam quality thanks to its 15 mm mirrors, high power density and printing quality, even at long working distance.


Láser: K-1030 HPD
Lens: 200 x 200
Market: Food, packaging
Type of application: Perforation, scratch, scoring and cutting
Material: Film
Production line speed: Static
Marking time: Up to 0,2 seconds (coding and scoring)

Laser HPD to cut and cody

Laser HPD to cut and cody


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