Lasers for textile finishing

Denim industry increasingly needs sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods. Macsa ID has directed all its R+D+i efforts to make Lasertex a standard-bearer of ecology in the textile industry.

The laser finishing has become the most productive and environmentally friendly technology. These systems have been designed to achieve a remarkable reduction of water consumption, chemicals and costs in purification processes. They are systems that reduce the environmental footprint, increasing at the same time the precision, reproducibility and speed of the finishing processes.

Lasertex system presents a wide range of finishing such as grinding effect, whiskers and chevrons, damages, honeycombs and scrapping used effect.

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  • Lasertex systems do not use dyes, solvents or chemicals, avoid abrasion by sand blasting, potassium permanganate spraying and manual sanding.
  • Lasertex increases production capacity by more than 4000 units per day.
  • The laser acts as a thermal source that evaporates the indigo dye used in the denim fabric. Lasertex series are reliable, robust and durable.

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