Respect for the environment

Macsa ID lasers for coding and marking have a high technological component. We have invested in them a great deal of time and effort so that they are as effective for our customers as they are respectful of the environment. Our goal for the coming years is to make sustainability one of the key parts of our business strategy. By incorporating this concept into our business model, we can add value to everything we do.

Today's consumers expect and demand new environmental and social values ​​from companies and brands. The Havas World Report, March 2017, indicates that 75% of consumers believe that companies have an ethical obligation to operate in a sustainable manner without damaging the environment and 53% of them avoid buying from companies that have a negative social environmental impact. Lasers for coding and marking are more sustainable than any other technology:

• Consumable free: a clean technology without waste.

• Ecological: no harmful emissions are generated. Good for the working environment and for the planet.

• Clean: a cleaner and safer work space can be enjoyed.

• Energy efficient: maximum quality and market speed with minimum energy consumption.

Improve the marking and coding of your company while reducing your environmental impact

Consumable free

Clean, waste free technology


No harmful emissions. Good for the work environment and for the planet.


It will allow you to enjoy a cleaner and safer work space.

Energy efficient

Maximum quality and market speed with minimum energy consumption.