Chemical industry coding and traceability

8 Jun, 2022

Optimal coding and traceability solutions for the chemical and paint industry

 Macsa id offers coding and traceability solutions for most industrial sectors, including the chemical and paint industries, where several leading companies already use our products.

In chemical and paint companies it is very important not only to reference the products with good labeling or coding, but also to be able to rely on a system that offers the best guarantees of product traceability.

Among the technological solutions offered by our company are conventional ink or laser coders, labeling systems of all types, internal logistics traceability systems, RFID identification, etc. that can be easily integrated into production lines and adapted to future coding needs.

coding and traceability paint


A success story

An example of the possibilities offered by Macsa id‘s coding and traceability solutions can be found in the success story of a Spanish company in the paint sector. This is the case of a family-owned company with a strong international presence, which develops production equipment and turnkey projects for manufacturers of paints, inks and adhesives.

This company requested our collaboration because it wanted to integrate a labeling system into a paint can production line. Once installed, the chosen system had to be versatile enough to be able to label containers of varying shapes and sizes without the need for any manual adjustment.

After studying the different types of containers that were to be labeled, our proposal was to install a labeling train. This modular piece of equipment easily adapts to the shape of the container: cylindrical or conical, with or without handles, and of different diameters. It is controlled by specific software that memorizes the parameters of each product and format, which can be quickly and conveniently adjusted via a touch screen.



This automatic labeling system incorporates a printing module that allows labels to be printed in semi-real time and that adapts to both the number of labels per container and the production speed. In addition, a laser detector ensures recognition of whether the container is always in the correct position, as well as the handle, if the can has one. In this way, the label is always attached in the correct place.

These trains for the paint industry allow very high-speed labeling on all kinds of packaging and materials, whether they be plastic, metal, sacks, boxes and cans with or without handles. They can label simple stickers (small color sticker or product code label) all the way to 360-degree wrap-around labels for anonymous packaging.

coding and traceability


Versatility, adaptability and a high level of automation characterize this labeling system that features robust and reliable equipment which, even in harsh installation conditions, requires minimal maintenance. Moreover, with a single machine connected to the packaging machine, the entire production line is connected, optimizing resources and production costs, as well as machine format changes being made automatically with a short turnaround.

According to Jordi Espachs, Account Manager of Macsa id, “this type of solution allows high-precision labeling, without interruptions due to format changes, since the system adapts automatically when a product change is made, as a result reducing line stoppage times and unnecessary work”.



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