IdTIJ, the high-resolution thermal inkjet printer that can mark a wide range of materials

18 Mar, 2022

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IdTIJ, the high-resolution thermal inkjet printer that can mark a wide range of materials


The idTIJ series by Macsa ID is here; the next generation of high-resolution industrial thermal inkjet printers for all types of material.

The idTIJ printers are based on HP’s TIJ (Thermal InkJet) technology which is not only compatible with solvent inks, clean and odorless, but also permanent. Inks including UV, aqueous and solvents allow these printers to mark a wide variety of substrates and materials from different industrial sectors, such as paper, cardboard, aluminum and ceramics.


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Changing the cartridges in these printers is very simple, as each replacement includes a new printhead, so there is no need to perform any special maintenance on the system.

Using the printer is also very easy, given it includes a touch screen for system configuration and marked message design; whether they be texts, logos, bar codes, user variable data, etc.


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An outstanding quality of idTIJ printers is their reliability as they provide high print quality (with a maximum resolution of 600 ppi) at a high speeds (180 m/min) at an affordable price. Cost optimization and high return on investment are other noteworthy features of this small but powerful machine.


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The idTIJ printers also include Marca software for marking and coding with precision and consistency. MarcaTIJ by Macsa ID allows control, management and optimization of all parts of the production process.

IdTIJ industrial thermal inkjet printers by Macsa ID are robust, compact, lightweight and easy to install on the production line. They have become one of the best options where space is limited quality and high level marking is demanded.


Macsa ID will be happy to find the marking, coding and traceability solution that best suits your needs.