Connected packaging: traceability and consumer interaction

14 Sep, 2022

In recent years, the need for brands to connect directly with consumers has increased. On-demand experiences, e-commerce, transparency and regulatory demands on the origin of products have all had an impact on the need to find effective solutions. This is where connected packaging: traceability and consumer interaction have gained great importance across various sectors.

Do you already know about the QR code revolution? These codes are transforming the B2C market, bringing brands even closer to consumers and giving them the importance they deserve.

Macsa id offers the best solutions in traceability and coding for the packaging industry in adapting to new user demands.


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Connected packaging: traceability and consumer interaction



  1. What is Connected Packaging?
  2. Future forecasts
  3. Webinar “QR code revolution: traceability and consumer interaction”.
  4. Macsa id solutions

What is Connected Packaging?

Connected packaging allows products to be interacted with via a printed two-way code, usually a QR code, which can be scanned using a mobile device.

Incorporating QR codes into your product packaging will add value and can offer extra content about your brand. For example, it can give users access to personalized experiences, extra information or e-commerce deals. This generates consumer interaction with your product before, during and after purchase.


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Another benefit of connected packaging is the generation of useful data for businesses. It gives brands the ability to collect data directly from the consumer to monitor and improve retail experiences.

In addition, in the future it may be a way to unify all the codes that coexist on the same surface that can create visual overload.


Future forecasts

2D codes offer different solutions to a range of business needs. These include stock management, product traceability and safety, product sustainability information, and direct interaction with the consumer while improving packaging optimisation.

Connected packaging is therefore divided into two broad areas:

  • Intelligent packaging: allows communication with the outside world through packaging, interacting with users.
  • Active packaging: manages to extend shelf life by guaranteeing the food product safety.

The aim of using QR codes is to integrate technology that offers the best experience and also facilitates product traceability.


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Webinar “QR code revolution: traceability and interaction with consumers”

On 26th April we held the webinar QR code revolution: traceability and interaction with consumers. Pere Rosell, Director of GS1 España, commented that companies use EAN codes in Europe to comply with regulatory standards for product traceability, but new marketing trends that have arisen from customer needs require the incorporation of a new system of QR codes that provide quality information to the consumer. Companies stop focusing on traceability issues and give priority to the customer.

Àlex Brossa, Cluster Manager of Packaging Cluster, commented that his study predicts that Datamatrix codes will no longer be used by 2027 and a single QR code will incorporate the EAN.

Pere Rosell added that there are different reasons driving the change in the trend of using QR codes:

  • Consumers want quick access to product information.
  • Excessive symbols on product packaging.
  • The possibility of coding more information on products and responding to new use cases.
  • There is a limit to use cases with EAN codes, due to the lack of capacity to handle additional information.


For more information, here is the full video of the webinar “QR code revolution: traceability and consumer interaction”:

Macsa id Solutions

Macsa id offers a wide range of technological solutions for marking and coding on all types of materials in different sectors such as food, drinks, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cars, construction materials and many more. gif maker 8



Our Bidilase is perfect for ultra-fast laser coding and smart packaging.

It can code at speeds of 1,000m/min, creating over 100 unique QR codes/sec, marks in high definition without loss of quality, allows greater control of traceability and unique serialisation at high speed and is fully integrable thanks to its umbilical head. In addition, it is clean, uses no consumables, is environmentally friendly and improves energy efficiency.

Bidilase is Macsa id’s most powerful smart packaging solution.

Our extensive experience in traceability and coding allows us to offer a personalised solution to every customer need.


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If you would like to know more about laser coding, please do contact us.