The best solution for quality marking on cosmetics packaging

24 Nov, 2021

marking on cosmetics packaging

Marking on cosmetics packaging

Macsa ID’s wide range of industrial lasers provides solutions for very specific marking needs.

Marking on cosmetics packaging:

This is the case for Bettina, an international manufacturer of high quality cosmetic products with a large export capacity to different countries, which posed an interesting challenge in terms of nail polish production.

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Specifically, they needed a solution for marking the color of the nail polish to help the consumer identify the color and reflect its quality at the same time.

The process leading up to the implementation of our brand’s solution was very time consuming. As such, Bettina was looking for high-contrast permanent marking that could be installed in-line and integrated into the filling machine.

After various tests with different industrial lasers, Macsa ID opted to install the D-5005 UV laser at its production plant, given that it met the required marking and quality parameters.
Easily integrated into automated production lines, this laser offers legible, high- contrast coding and marking with no thermal impact on the product.
This success story is an example of how laser technology helps our customers increase productivity, achieve high quality marking and ensure lower total cost of ownership, when compared to other coding technologies.
Today we would like to tell you about the case of Bettina, a cosmetics manufacturer that presented an interesting challenge to Macsa in terms of its nail polish production.

Carles Orós explains more in the following video:

marking on cosmetics packaging