Laser marking on ABS plastic

Laser marking on ABS plastic


Macsa ID equipment is used to code and mark products from a wide variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastics (PET, PVC, HDPE), glass, metals, and wood. The messages and graphics that are that of high quality, done at a minimum operating cost and carried out at high speeds.

Application News demonstrates a sample of products that are coded and marked with Macsa ID lasers, every day and around the world.

Not only does laser marking offers us a large number of possibilities in terms of details, guaranteeing marking products with great contrast and definition, but the right laser is also always chosen for each surface and material.
In the Application News that we bring you today we are proud to present “ABS” plastic which is done by using a 20W F-9020 laser that is just powerful enough to achieve first-class results.

The products to be marked are of various colors and surfaces, but, even so, using the full power of the laser and correctly adjusting the parameters (mostly the frequency) with our Marca software, we achieve a clear contrast and reading of the marking. Apart from the text, on this occasion we also mark logos and barcodes, which is inverted when we mark on dark colors (visibly apparent in the photo) to have the right reading contrast.

The marking is done dynamically, respecting the 300 mm. distance between previously defined marked elements, and at a line speed of 15m per minute, without reducing the quality of the final marking

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