IntegraNET 4.0, the software that allows you to be at every step of the process, even when you are not there.

IntegraNET 4.0, the software that allows you to be at every step of the process, even when you are not there.


Macsa ID’s 4.0 service

Macsa ID 4.0 solutions, Integranet 4.0, represent a conceptual change in the provision of services and solutions.

In the last few decades, a fourth industrial revolution has emerged, known as Industry 4.0, which positions the digital technology of the last few decades at a whole new level. With the help of interconnectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT), access to real-time data and the introduction of cyber-physical systems, we welcome Macsa ID’s Integranet 4.0 software to offer a more comprehensive, interrelated and holistic approach to the manufacturing processes.

Thanks to the high degree of interconnectivity and machine intelligence, Macsa ID is able to provide levels of efficiency in the implementation of services far superior to traditional ones.

The revolution is based on two fundamental pillars:

  • Intelligently designed equipment so that they are able to provide information about their status, make basic decisions autonomously, and interconnect with other equipment and information systems. Furthermore, a modular construction facilitates the replacement of components, minimising the inoperative time of any equipment.
  • The collection and distribution of data must be carried out in both directions, simultaneously and globally, among all systems in order to have the information and operation of the machines in real time. For this to be achieved, cloud architectures are a key aspect. The intelligent distribution depends on them for the information collected from various sources, its processing and the transformation towards decision making.



The Software module for remote data and equipment management

The software module IntegraNET 4.0 is a new approach that reinforces the structure of Macsa’s new 4.0 technologies and tools. It incorporates solutions for monitoring, predictive maintenance, remote technical assistance and reporting.

IntegraNET 4.0 incorporates solutions for monitoring and proportion of data and information in real time from anywhere and at any time. This is translating into greater productivity, greater efficiency and less down time.

To ensure maximum equipment efficiency, IntegraNET 4.0 allows our service engineers to receive real-time diagnostics of equipment. The use of behavioural analysis algorithms and data trends helps detect problems before they occur and cause downtime and inactivity.

An encrypted and secure remote connection enables remote technical assistance to solve problems faster and more accurately, upload and download programs and send software updates. Productivity and service efficiency are increasing.

The data collected integrates with the different software modules of Macsa’s Integrasuite for production management, traceability and efficiency, providing an overview of the production lines.

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