Laser marking on oak wood

Laser marking on oak wood


Marking in the beverage market is very diverse due to the multiple materials to be encoded, the type of beverage inside the package, and the speed of the production line. In this case, we will focus on the laser marking of oakwood wine barrels, a static marking that requires a powerful laser due to the wood’s density.

Woods such as oak require a higher-powered laser to achieve a higher contrast engraving as well as a high-quality focal point, which is made possible with the HPD head. The quality of logo marking on wood depends on the quality of the logo itself. The more defined the greyscale is, the better definition achieved on the wood.

With the Macsa K-1030 HPD laser we get a high definition marking along with good readability while obtaining uniform strokes of varying thicknesses. Taking into account that the life of a barrel storing wine is approximately 10 years, laser is the best technology to achieve permanent, durable and ideal marking to ensure traceability during the product’s shelf life and the wine reserved in it.

Technical Information

  • Laser: K-1030 HPDLaser marking on oak wood
  • Lens: 500 x 500
  • Market: Beverage
  • Application Type: Marking
  • Product: Wine barrel
  • Material: Oak wood
  • Marking Type: Static
  • Marking Time: 19.94 seconds