Marking in rubber tube for automotive use

Marking in rubber tube for automotive use


In the automotive market we can find an infinity of materials that need to be marked and coded in order to ensure perfect traceability during their manufacturing processes. For environmental reasons, the rubber currently used in the automotive industry is synthetic and consists of a material which is elastic, insulating, waterproof and versatile.

The marking on the rubber is of high legibility, obtaining a good embossed mark without causing any change in the colour. With a 100 x 100 lens, the stroke width which can be seen has a great contrast. On the other hand, if a finer stroke with greater definition is required, a lower lens, such as the 60 x 60 one, should be used.

The SPA 10 laser of Macsa ID guarantees optimal marking, by producing a brilliant code on a matt background which displays sharp contrast and visibility. CO2 lasers have very good beam quality and are highly efficient

Laser: SPA 10Marking in rubber tube for automotive use
Lens: 60 x 60
Industry: Automotive
Application type: Coding
Product: Tube
Material: Rubber
Marking type: Static
Marking time: 1,2 scs.