Marking on Denim Fabric


The average number of liters of water that are needed to make a pair of jeans reaches 5 figures. This is why Macsa ID is working hard to provide a more sustainable production by using laser technology to mark, fade, make “whiskers” or “holes”, give a used look and a “Back knee” effect to all types of denim fabric.

Marking on denim is not easy as it is not a plain weave and the illustration lines can sometimes be interrupted. The solution is MACSA ID’s K1030 HPD, a powerful laser capable of marking vectorial illustrations or high definition bmp.

In the case of the bandanna, lens and 100% power have been used. The laser sweep effect provides a high-resolution image on the fabric without being able to notice when the laser starts and finishes.

Laser: K1030 HPD
Lens: 250 x 250
Industry:  Textile
Application type: Marking
Product: Bandanna
Material: Denim fabric
Marking type: Static
Marking time: 10 seconds