Marking on special polymers – Beverage

Marking on special polymers – Beverage


The bottle lid industry represents a financial volume of approximately 1,500 million euros in Europe, due to the fact that nearly 250,000 million lids are manufactured annually. It is a very varied market because it includes a wide range of types of bottle lids as far as colours and shapes are concerned.

The lid colour will have a direct impact on the marking to be done because a laser will be required which can ensure high contrast and quality marking on all of the lid’s surface, even when marking on the inside of the lid.

With the Macsa id D-5005 UV laser we get a legible, high contrast marking on different coloured lids and above all, this can be carried out at the high speeds which are essential for this industry. The UV laser is a DPSS laser system with an ideal wavelength to obtain a perfect contrast when marking special and thermoformed polymers that do not usually have a good reaction with conventional laser equipment and/or require chemical additives whose use is not allowed in all of the food and beverage industry.

D-5005 UV Marking on special polymers
Lens: 100 x 100
Industry: Beverage
Application type: Coding
Product: Bottle Lid
Material: Plastic
Marking type: Dynamic
Line speed: 162m/min