The EC is drawing up new wine labelling regulation

6 Dec, 2015

The European Commission is drawing up a new regulation on wine labelling in order to include information about the environmental impact on each bottle. The project is still in its pilot phase and it is yet to be decided whether it will be mandatory or voluntary.

This initiative arose as a result of confusion in the market due to the existence of many different ways of displaying environmental impact information. The European Commission is aware of this problem and with these new wine labelling regulation is attempting to unify the criteria and means in order to help consumers decide what to buy.

Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental issues and are demanding more products with a smaller environmental footprint. They have a positive view of this type of initiative. The pilot program is being applied to wine labels as well as 24 other products.

The environmental footprint information will be separate from the ECOLABEL, which is used to identify products on which no synthetic fertilisers or insecticides have been used.

Information taken from: Actualia Grupo