Labelling of pallets with plastic oil bottles

Labelling of pallets with plastic oil bottles


With the idBlocks Pallet 6011 by Macsa ID, F. Faiges reduces downtime and increases productivity

 One of the concerns of the management of F. Faiges, a multinational company dedicated to the production of food oil, is that the process of labelling their pallets in the 30,000 m2 plant located in Daimiel, Ciudad Real, is carried out in an efficient, and above all, trouble-free way. They know only too well that any type of error will cause stops or delays in the production that will result in lower plant productivity and an increase in costs. 

In order to solve this problem, Macsa ID has installed three idBlocks Pallet 6011 labelling machines in the Daimiel factory. Each machine has been placed at the end of one of the three production lines so that every pallet can be briefly stopped twice in order to have 4 labels applied to it: on the front, on the two sides and on the back of the pallet. These machines have a labelling capacity of 30 pallets per hour, during 16 hours a day and 5 days a week. The resulting label codes comply with the GS1 standard and are tailored to the requirements of each final customer.

With this model of laser labeller, Macsa ID can give F. Faiges the reliability they need with a dependable marking system that has reduced production delays. In addition, in the case of any issues, Macsa ID can offer immediate remote support in order to resolve any anomaly which may occur.