Fish traceability will improve with a new regulation

22 Nov, 2015

Fish traceability is being modified by a new Royal Decree on the first sale of fish products. This new regulation is in line with European legislation (Common Fisheries Policy and the Common Market Organisation) as well as the new legislation that guarantees market unity and the food chain structure.

The Royal Decree lists important aspects for regulating the first sale of fish products and includes the relevant documentation that must be issued in each case, such as the sales note, the take-over declaration, the transport document and the traceability document.

The new regulation will apply to the first sale of fish products from capture fisheries, marine and inland aquaculture, shellfishing and other products from inland or brackish waters, whether fresh or stabilised through freezing, cooking or other similar means.

Highlights in terms of coding and traceability include the creation of a computer application, which the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment will make available to Public Administrations and relevant parties to provide information to end consumers to give them as much information as possible about the product they are buying.

Information taken from: Diario de Gastronomia