Maximum reliability in your production line

idBlocks, the most versatile labeller on the market

It is the most versatile label applicator printer on the market. It has a compact and modular industrial design, high reliability, resistant to harsh environments and harsh working conditions.

The idBlocks labelers allow placing labels on any position of the product at different distances and adapting labels to the product surface. The label reels of 400mm diameter have a long autonomy. This applicator has an intelligent pickup control of the backing paper, without friction devices.

The idBlocks labeler machines can include different accessories with the standard version, such as: advanced notification of consumables, IP protection screens, barcode readers, among others, and offer the maximum adaptability in any production line.

  • Easy interchangeable modules.
  • More than 100 applicators available to satisfy almost all market needs.
  • High autonomy with 400mm diameter label reels.
  • It adapts to any printer module on the market, facilitating its maintenance and allowing spare printer modules.
  • Totally external connection for easy integration into automated production lines.
  • It includes a touch screen to set and manage the equipment, using maintenance tools and fault location.

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