MLA, the most versatile label printer applicator line

High speed label applicators

MLA label applicators by Macsa ID are contact and ejection applicators which can apply labels on uneven surfaces at high speed and with maximum precision.

The pre-printed label dispenser MLA has an industrial and compact design to work in the most adverse conditions and in high speed production lines.

The SP version of MLA labelling equipment by Macsa is the cheapest since it allows label applications at a maximum speed of 35 meters/minute.

The PR version has a printer included and it allows applying labels on the product when they have been already printed.

Macsa ID offers several applicators of 5 and 8 inches labels.

  • The MLA dispenser can be complemented with any applicator made by Macsa ID.
  • Changing applicator is very fast, only using two connectors and choosing the model showed in the touch screen.
  • It fit up to 300mm diameter label bobbins and the application can be up to 35m/min.
  • It automatically synchronizes application speed with the conveyor belt.

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