Damm: a new success story for Macsa id in the beverage sector

25 Aug, 2023

Discover this Macsa id success story about traceability in a constantly growing market: the beverage industry.



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1. Introduction and history of the company
2. The challenge
3. The Macsa id solution
4. The video of a success story


Introduction and company history

Damm is a Spanish brewing company, founded in 1876 in Barcelona. Its mainly focused on producing beer, but beyond this main product, Damm is today a leading multinational company in the production, packaging and distribution of beer, water and soft drinks.

Around it, a series of companies have branched out into different sectors: catering, capillary distribution of beverages, food and other products for the hospitality sector.
Damm is present in more than 130 countries and has more than 5,000 collaborators and partners.

Damm Fundació, created at the end of 2001, is responsible for structuring and disseminating Damm’s sponsorship and philanthropic activities throughout the sporting, social and cultural aspects of the country.


Fabrica Damm El Prat Llobregat 020223

El Prat de Llobregat de Damm plant


The challenge: traceability in beverage labelling

Despite having been in business for almost a century and a half, Damm continuously reinvents itself to keep on offering the best products, implementing progressive technological improvements in its factories that optimise both its production process and its quality. This is the recent case of the implementation of packaging line no. 15 at the El Prat de Llobregat factory (Barcelona), where Damm needed to implement batch coding and expiry date on the labelling of its beer bottles.

Damm once again relied on the experience and leadership of Macsa id for this challenge, where a total of 13 CO2 lasers are currently in operation, with power ranging from 30 to 110W.


damm marcajes

Macsa id legible marking in different positions and containers


The Macsa id solution

The solution implemented by our company on line 15 of the Damm factory in El Prat de Llobregat consisted of:

  • Installation of two LASER KIP 1110 110WPLUS UHS, featuring CO2 technology, for the coding of returnable containers on labels. With a capacity of 63,000 bottles/hour, this solution already works successfully on other packaging lines.



Packaging line no. 15 at the El Prat de Llobregat factory (Barcelona)


The devices are integrated into both the labeller and the carousel, allowing the marking position to be adjusted according to the container format.

These lasers are widely used in packaged product applications including cartons, bottles and blister packs. The DUO dual processing technology allows high speed, high quality marking with variable data. A variety of software is also supported that allows it to operate both remotely and directly.

The design of the protective cover of this machine is designed to facilitate its operation in adverse production environments, such as dusty or humid environments. These lasers are commonly used for coding paper and cardboard, glass, ceramics, coated materials, PET and PVC.


  • In Damm’s case, the SPA C 30W laser has also been added for coding on cardboard (cardboard grouping laser mode).


3MACSA Damm 92708

Macsa id SPA laser technology on cardboard


These powerful and fast CO2 technology printers are designed to satisfy the most demanding needs and requirements in coding and are capable of adapting to the high cadence of production lines in the beverage sector.

The Macsa id SPA C can work on various materials such as paper, cardboard, glass, PET and also on a wide range of plastics, which is why they are the most widely used by packaging manufacturers.

It is an ideal laser for coding on bottles and the beverage market, because it adapts to the speed and characteristics of each production line, providing a permanent and legible marking, guaranteeing the traceability of each container.



Laser marking on Voll Damm packaging


In addition, the use of lasers in coding and marking bottles provides a clean and environmentally friendly solution, as it does not use consumables such as inks or solvents. All these solutions are complemented by the standard equipment software.


The video of a success

A picture is worth a thousand words, so in the following video you will see the equipment installed on line 15 of the Damm factory in El Prat de Llobregat in full operation. Lluís Moras, technical manager of Macsa id, explains all the characteristics of the laser equipment installed in the plant.



“The equipment used is manufactured by Macsa id, which offers the security of perfect integration into Damm’s production processes“.

“At Damm, they trust their coding and traceability operations to Macsa id, both because of the quality of our products, as well as our technical service”.

       Lluís Moras, technical manager at Macsa id


Our advanced marking methods allow perfect integration into our customer production or packaging lines. Savings in time and costs, improved productivity, better efficiency, increased reliability and greater technological capacity are just some of the competitive advantages that are obtained as a result of this integration that Macsa id can offer leading brands, such as Damm.


At Macsa id we will be delighted to find the marking, coding and traceability solution that best suits your needs.