idJET Compact; the most versatile industrial inkjet printer

18 Mar, 2022

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idJET Compact; the most versatile industrial inkjet printer

idJET, the high-resolution inkjet printer, takes a prominent position in Macsa ID’s industrial coding and marking solution portfolio.

Macsa DI’s idJET printers are capable of printing on any type of porous materials such as cardboard, paper, wood or also on non-porous materials such as metal, aluminum, steel or polystyrene using the idJET UV. It is ideal for large character marking as the head height is 17mm and 70mm. There are different models of idJET covering different market needs to easily adapt to production lines:

idJET 70 COMPACT OIL/UV: Compact high resolution printer with a unified body.

idJET 70 UMBILICAL OIL/UV: With separate body and head, ideal for installations where there is little space or where the head has to be moved on a linear guide and for upside down marking.

idJET 17/70 HYBRID: Ideal for installations where space for installing the head is limited, there is also the option to mark upside down.

idJET 70 DUO: Two printers with one controller, ideal for marking two sides of a box at the same time.

idJET 70 DUAL COLOR: A device with two heads for marking in two different colors and for marking logos or texts in two colors.

idJET 140: A printer with two heads in series for marking up to 140mm with one single controller.

idJET ARCOS: System of up to 4 high resolution printers to mark three sides of a box. It includes a gantry to support the heads and adjust them to the size of the box.

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Each machine includes a touch screen to manage settings, check previews, modify variable fields, monitor ink consumption, etc. The design software, MarcaDesigner by Macsa ID, allows users to create messages (text, logos, barcodes, variable user and database data, images…) alongside controlling, managing and optimizing the machine on the production line.

Industrial printing is capable of high speed marking without distortion, its resolution is one of the highest on the market, offering excellent print quality and contrast at 180 dpi. With a single cartridge (1 liter bottle of ink) it can print more than 300,000 times (3 lines of text and barcodes).

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idJET printers achieve significant cost savings by eliminating pre-printed packaging stocks, offering an excellent return on investment and a low cost per print.

Thanks to their low maintenance and ease of installation on the production line, Macsa ID’s idJET industrial inkjet printers have become one of the best solutions for marking the production of porous and non-porous materials along with substrates in many industrial sectors.


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Macsa ID will be happy to find the marking, coding and traceability solution that best suits your needs.