Macsa will be present at Interpack 2023 once again this year with a revolutionary innovation!

Macsa will be present at Interpack 2023 once again this year with a revolutionary innovation!


The new edition of Interpack will be held from 4th to 10th May in Düsseldorf. This is a new opportunity to bring the entire global packaging industry together, as well as stay updated with technological developments, innovations and sustainable packaging trends for the food and beverage, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and industrial goods sectors.

We will be present at stand G58 in Hall 8B at Messe Düsseldorf, with our latest innovation, the best coding and laser marking solution for carbon footprint reduction.




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New products that will be presented at Interpack:

  • The Macsa id industrial labellers that allow labels to be brought closer and applied to surfaces of different sides. You will be able to see:
    • The Lineal idBlocks 4020 with a high-power overlapping system to guarantee excellent label application. 
    • The Frontal idBlocks 4030 label applicator which allows labels to be printed and applied on different sides of the product.
    • The Blow idBlocks 2050/60 with a non-contact overlap system for label application.


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  • The most complete range of packaging lasers. The following will be on show:
    • SPA2 C, used in high speed applications for packaged products. They provide the highest quality, permanent, sustainable and legible markings for every production environment. This laser is suitable for a wide variety of substrates such as cardboard, glass, ceramic, PET and PVC
    • SPA2 F Pulsed, a solution for high quality, permanent, sustainable and legible metal marking for all production environments. This laser can mark a wide variety of materials, such as plastics and metals.
    • SPA2 F Film, reliable laser for marking and coding film and flexible packaging without perforating the packaging.
    • SPA2 D Green UV, solid-state laser used for packaged goods applications, typically for coding plastics. The UV version allows coding of special materials and marking with minimal thermal impact, making it ideal for marking delicate materials. Ideal environments for this version are standard and humid environments.
    • SPA2 WD is the most versatile laser in the range, as it can be easily integrated into any production line and can code a wide variety of materials, such as paper, cardboard, glass, ceramics, PET and PVC…




  • The current fastest ultra high speed QR coding laser, BiDiLase. The only laser on the market capable of doing what others still dream of: super speedy coding; maximum marking precision; unique, ultra high speed serialisation; full production line integration; unique digital passports; greater production control to guarantee traceability; clean and waste-free.


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  • idTIJ and idJET, the high-resolution industrial inkjet printers capable of printing on all types of materials.




  • The new Green, Smart & Revolutionary laser for 100% sustainable small characters. It is the best coding and marking solution to reduce your carbon footprint and it will be shown for the very first time at Interpack 2023.


Interpack 2023 is just around the corner and we are looking forward to sharing our new laser coding and marking solution for even greater sustainability.

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