Fibre laser marking on printed aluminium blister packs

Fibre laser marking on printed aluminium blister packs



In the pharmaceutical field, traceability and coding have become fundamental pillars to guarantee the quality and safety of products. The regulations regarding coding in the pharmaceutical sector are very strict, often undergoing frequent changes to align with market needs and ensure consumer safety.

Amidst this dynamic environment, effective traceability, which entails monitoring the supply chain from manufacturing to distribution, is enhanced by the accurate coding of each unit. Laser technology has transformed this process, providing an efficient and accurate solution that can adjust to the dynamic nature and requirements of the pharmaceutical sector.



In today’s application news, fibre laser technology has been used to mark blister packs on printed aluminium, delivering a comprehensive and effective solution. This innovative approach ensures simultaneous marking of text and QR codes with unparalleled accuracy. Macsa’s fibre laser guarantees flawless readability, ensuring the legibility of critical information on each product unit and is ideal for applications for metals and reflective materials.

This solution not only increases efficiency on the production line, but also improves traceability by providing coded data that is easily traceable at every stage of the process, meeting the most demanding standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

laser fiber film




  • Laser:                                      SPA 2 F Film

  • Market:                                    Farma

  • Material:                                 Aluminium

  • Product:                                  Blister

  • Application type:                   Coding


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