Metal Trophy Laser Marking

Metal Trophy Laser Marking


An award is one of the most appreciated ways in which we recognise achievement that anyone would be excited to receive. Behind each trophy, there is a story, not only of who receives the trophy, but of the trophy itself. In this case, Macsa id has collaborated with the artist Ramón Enrich in the design and manufacturing of a trophy for a large German investment group.

During this process, under the idea and direction of Ramón, different laser marking technologies were tested to obtain the desired effect. The final result was obtained by using 20W fiber equipment (SPA F20) and a 100×100 lens with which to obtain high definition and an intense reaction on painted steel.


Marking trophies made of different materials (metals, plastics, wood, etc.) is one of the many applications of laser marking, since this equipment allows for a degree of personalization like no other marking system.

Depending on the material used, the best solution will be through the proper use of different laser technologies. In this case, Macsa id offers the largest portfolio of products to obtain the highest quality and reliability when it comes to rewarding someone who deserved  to be appreciated for their work or achievement.

Technical data

  • Laser: SPA F20
  • Lents: 100×100 mm
  • Merket: Promotional Items
  • Application Type: Marking
  • Product: Painted metal trophy
  • Material: Steel
  • Marking type: Static

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