Painted cardboard label

Painted cardboard label



Cardboard coding using COlasers is one of the most widespread types of marking in the industry. However, the increasing power capacity and improved optical performance of lasers have made it possible to evolve from encoding an expiration date to encoding full labels.

In the case of the application presented, a complete label with dimensions of 150×70 millimeters is marked. The label is made up of different types of barcodes, QR code, text, logos and drawings, and due to the size of the letters, it requires very high definition.


Although the characteristics of a wide marking field and high definition constitute a challenge in marking, the C Serieswith HPD (High Power Density) head provides a compromise between both aspects and responds very well. These heads combine optical properties of the laser beam and the mirrors that allow for high density energy focused on a small point, making it possible to strip the paint from the cardboard efficiently and with high legibility.

The production of the entire label that we present is carried out with 30W equipment and with a marking time of 1.3 seconds, being an ideal tool for customizing labels and generating savings in production costs for the producer.


Technical Data

  • Laser: SPA CB 30 HPD
  • Lens: 150x150mm
  • Merket: Electric
  • Application type: Coding
  • Product: Electronic component box
  • Material: Painted cardboardf
  • Marking type: Static
  • Dial time: 1.3 second

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