Marking, coding and traceability in the beverage industry

Marking, coding and traceability in the beverage industry


Case study: Bodegas Franco-Españolas

As experts in coding and marking, Macsa id provides the most appropriate solutions according to the needs of each sector and client. Today we present a new case study of marking and traceability in the beverage sector for our client Bodegas Franco Españolas.

  • Customer: Bodegas Franco – Españolas
  • Country: Spain
  • Sector: Beverage
  • Application: Glass bottles, cardboard boxes and shrink-wrapped pallet
  • Substrate: glass, cardboard and plastic
  • Macsa ID Solution: Macsa HPD laser, idBlocks 4042 labeller, idBlocks Pallet 6015 labeller and Software Integra

History of the Company

Ambassadors of the Rioja brand around the world and always involved in improvement processes, its privileged location, on the banks of the Ebro River, has made Bodegas Franco-Españolas a witness to the history of the area. In the hands of the Eguizábal family since 1984, it has become a benchmark among the leisure and cultural offerings of La Rioja with its varied wine tourism proposals.

The Challenge

As it is a winery, it needs full traceability of each of its products. Prior to the project that Bodegas Franco-Españolas carried out with Macsa id, its traceability was manual and this gave rise to certain added difficulties when it came to being able to trace the products that left the winery.

It was not until digitalisation was implemented in different parts of the winery that the need arose to develop a completely new traceability system, which, above all, would be integrated with the entire ERP system.


Marcaje y codificación bodegas

Macsa solution

Macsa id opted for a solution that encompasses bottle traceability and labelling of crates and pallets. The integrated software, Integra SGA, controls the entire production line, from coding and marking to importing data into its warehouse management system and ERP. In this way, the traceability and subsequent tracking of any existing item in the sales channel is easily carried out.

Software Integra Macsa ID


Bodegas Franco-Españolas’ ERP controls the production lines where different technologies are installed to code bottles and label crates and pallets:
  • Laser HPD SERIES: Laser marking on bottles with CO2 lasers. They offer a clear and legible marking with high definition, in high speed lines. The laser placed in a zenithal position, encodes the 6 bottles contained in the box with a single shot, in this way the traceability is 100% guaranteed.
  • idTIJ: through high-resolution ink marking, we mark a datamatrix code on each box to continue traceability at secondary packaging level. By reading this 2D code, we trace the contents of the crate.
  • idBlocks 4042 Fan Belts: Linear labelling of the boxes containing the bottles of wine. In addition to the aforementioned coding, we label the boxes with the EAN code and the relevant alphanumeric information so that the winery can continue to control the bottling process.
  • IdBlocks Pallet 6015: 2 side-by-side labelling with 1 pallet stop. The robotic arm allows the label to be placed in any position on the pallet, at the same height. In this way, traceability runs its course in tertiary packaging.

The video of a success story

The following video reflects how Macsa id has contributed to improving the wineries’ operations:



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