CerTest, a success story in the biotech sector

18 Dec, 2023

Discover this Macsa id case study on packaging marking and coding in the biotech sector


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  1. Introduction and history of CerTest
  2. The challenge
  3. Macsa ID’s solution
  4. A success video


1. Introduction and history of CerTest

CerTest Biotec is a biotech company that deals in the development and manufacture of in-vitro diagnostic products for human applications.

It was founded in Zaragoza in 2002 as an innovative, tech-based company, and the company bases its growth on the research and development of new products and exploration of new niches for the future.

The key to its success lies in the manner in which it understands its organisation: a highly qualified and customer-oriented workforce. CerTest has skilled, dynamic personnel who work in an international environment, and a highly qualified, specialised team engaged in innovation, export and technological surveillance.Its mission is to develop, manufacture and market a range of innovative, top quality solutions for the in-vitro detection and diagnosis of viruses, bacteria, parasites, and tumour and inflammatory markers. While its vision is to become a leading international company in the research and development of in-vitro diagnostic solutions, increasing its distribution network through the creation of added value and the trust of customers.


certest 04

CerTest plant


2. The challenge

Visual identification is essential in the healthcare industry. Dealing in the development and manufacture of in-vitro diagnostic products for human applications, CerTest needed to implement an efficient solution to mark the primary packaging of its tests in a legible, top quality and durable manner

In addition, the solution provided had to be designed to operate at the highest speeds, in harsh environments, and with the highest output requirements.


v2 Sobres

Marking and labelling on envelopes


3. Macsa ID’s solution

The comprehensive solution from Macsa id for CerTest includes software that controls the Inkjet marking system. This means that it is possible to control the identification management of all its machines from just one point. In addition, the traceability of its products is performed automatically.

Inkjet marking is carried out using a high-performance inkjet printer. This is the Linx 8920 model, which marks the sachets containing the tests. This technology has been customised, incorporating a friction sachet feeder unit to make the process more efficient and doubling its output.

The Linx 8920 continuous inkjet printer is designed to support error-free coding. It has a simple user interface that allows for rapid message creation and selection with a large touch screen. Up to 5 lines of code can be linked in this technology, including data matrix and printing of QR codes with high-speed variations for a wide variety of applications. In addition, it has rapid self-service with minimal involvement, thus maximising the efficiency of the production line. This implementation helps save costs and time during production by enhancing efficiency.


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High performance inkjet printer – Linx 8900 Series


Linx 8900 series injection printers are suitable for coding in numerous markets and substrates as different as the following:


It is also provided with a self-adjusting temperature function to ensure that code quality remains stable at different temperatures. Furthermore, the comprehensive solution from Macsa includes software that controls the marking system. Controlling the identification management on all its machines from just one point and automatically obtaining the traceability of its products.

A comprehensive solution from Macsa id for the full satisfaction of our client.

A success video

To illustrate the success that CerTest obtained with the help of Macsa ID, please watch the following video we have prepared which shows how this collaboration completely transformed the CerTest operations.


CerTest, a Macsa id success story in the biotechnology sector


Our advanced marking methods allow a perfect integration in the production or packaging lines of our customers. Savings in time and costs, improved productivity, greater efficiency, greater reliability and greater technological capacity are just some of the competitive advantages that are obtained as a result of this integration and which, in this case, Macsa id can offer to leading brands such as CerTest.


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