Horgrupan, a success story of Macsa id in the food sector

Horgrupan, a success story of Macsa id in the food sector


Discover this Macsa id case study on traceability in the food sector, a market in constant growth.




  1. Introduction and history of Horgrupan
  2. The challenge
  3. Macsa ID’s solution
  4. A success video


Introduction and history of Horgrupan

In the competitive world of bread, pastry and cake production, standing out due to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction is an achievement worthy of recognition and difficult to attain. In this article, we will present the success story of Horgrupan, a leading company in the bakery and pastry sector that was able to overcome a crucial challenge thanks to the collaboration of Macsa ID.

Established in 2014, the company has always stood out in the production of bread, pastries and cakes, as it has a team of highly qualified professionals with whom it has been able to provide its customers with products ranging from the most traditional to the most innovative.

One of the main values of Horgrupan is the freshness of its products. They offer recently baked bread, pastries and cakes any time of the day, thus ensuring consumers enjoy products of top quality and flavour. The company also stands out for its capacity to adapt to customer needs thanks to a nationwide distribution network and a flexible production system.

In this article, we will analyse the challenge they are facing and how Macsa ID provided the solution that made them successful.



Horgrupan factory


The challenge

Horgrupan faced a crucial challenge in its production and distribution process: the need to print essential information on its products, efficiently label boxes and pallets, and effectively manage its warehouse. These requirements became increasingly complicated. This was due primarily to the diversity of its line of products, which includes substrates to be marked as plastic, cardboard and wood

The company needed a solution that would enable it to maintain its high quality and efficiency while meeting the traceability standards required by the food industry. When looking for something that met the need for the automation of all its production and for a WMS to be able to trace all its products, it opted for the comprehensive solutions of Macsa ID



Labeling in boxes and pallets


Macsa id’s solution

Horgrupan joined forces with Macsa id in search of a safe, effective solution to meet this challenge. This collaboration led to the implementation of state-of-the-art traceability systems.

Macsa ID’s solution was made up of a series of products, including Linx TT10, idBlocks 4030 FR, idBlocks 6010 FR and the implementation of the Software Integra WMS. This equipment enables Horgrupan to print vital information on its bags, label its boxes and pallets precisely, and optimise the management of its warehouse. The industrial technology provided by Macsa ID also guaranteed the reliable traceability of the products, meeting the safety and quality standards required in the food industry.

  • Linx TT10: The TT series thermal transfer printers are one of the most commonly used in the packaging and pharmaceutical sectors because it is a clean, user-friendly system that can be used to print on plastic film, flat packaging, labels, plastic, and metal sheets, among others.
  • idBlocks 4030 FR and idBlocks 6010 FR: The Macsa ID Frontal idBlocks 4030 / 6010 / 6030 are used for contact labelling even on irregular surfaces. The applicator is equipped with a high-power blowing system that ensures the label is applied to the substrate.


Etiquetadora idBlocks 4030/6030 frontal

  • Software Integra WMS: This software is used to control, manage and optimise the production line at any site and from any location with the different software modules of the Integra suite by Macsa ID.


A success video

To illustrate the success that Horgrupan obtained with the help of Macsa ID, please watch the following video we have prepared which shows how this collaboration completely transformed the Horgrupan operations.



“For the strong growth of the company, we saw that two aspects were necessary. Firstly, the mechanisation of all productivity and, secondly, a WMS that would give us the strength to trace all the company’s internal movements.

At the moment, automation with the company Macsa id is solving the labelling per box and per pallet. This labelling is an essential requirement for national distribution, both in wholesalers and retailers. It is also helping us to grow as a company and at the same time to keep internal control of all the products manufactured in our facilities. In this way we know at all times what we have manufactured, with what batch, where we place it and how we take it out, all thanks to the traceability provided by Macsa id and the WMS system we have installed”.

Francisco Díaz, Horgrupan’s logistics and warehouse manager.


Our advanced marking methods allow a perfect integration in the production or packaging lines of our customers. Savings in time and costs, improved productivity, greater efficiency, greater reliability and greater technological capacity are just some of the competitive advantages that are obtained as a result of this integration and which, in this case, Macsa id can offer to leading brands such as Horgrupan.



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